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What other body part is capable of Such a Display?

Picture of man covering penis and testicles with t-shirt on only
With our penis capable of showing our true emotions - what do we cover up - our penis, or our true feelings?
As you know I add pages and new videos - all the time, but it was only when writing the concluding paragraph that I realised just how we perhaps take this for granted:

"yet this is just one of so many effects that our emotions and body can have upon our penis at any given time, perhaps we can take it all for granted - but what other body part is capable of such a display?"

​If you're interested the page is here (no video): Penis Personality​Penis Personality
<![CDATA[Make Your Erection HARDer - The New Place To Go]]>Fri, 19 Feb 2021 23:36:33 GMThttp://erectiondr.com/erection-news/make-your-erection-harder-the-new-place-to-goTo make your erection HARDer is what my whole life seems to be about these days! It's all I do!

That is exactly where you can now access all the individual guides - they've moved there from the Home Page. to Make Your Erections Harder

I realise that sometimes change can be stressful - but I'm hoping this is one that you embrace - as stress (as you now know) is not good for your penis to get hard - so know that I'm actually doing this to help you get Harder - so think of the extra click you have to make as exciting...

..in fact perhaps you can think of finding the new home for your videos, and that extra click you may have to make, as foreplay or a sexual tease.  Perhaps you can embrace the videos as playing hard to get! 😀🍆

Why the Change?
Due to really boring website technical stuff! I kept adding more and more information to the Home Page and  I nearly broke it! So I had to lighten the load.  That's why - but as soon as you get used to it - I hope you'll find it's actually better! Picture of Erection Coach face only
Any problems with any aspect - as always you know where I am

<![CDATA[BroTime Notifications]]>Thu, 07 Jan 2021 16:43:26 GMThttp://erectiondr.com/erection-news/brotime-notificationsIf you have previously requested a notification for when BroTime is up and running - I haven't forgotten you - I'll be doing this in the coming month.

Trial BroTime is now available - the details are  below.

Thank you for being patient! ]]>
<![CDATA[BroTime is Here]]>Wed, 06 Jan 2021 22:59:59 GMThttp://erectiondr.com/erection-news/brotime-is-hereThere's a first step - a trial to see if BroTime can switch your mind & body into Self Sex mode - for some serious Erection Coaching. 

Every body and mind is capable of switching to Self Sex mode either intermittently or for the longer term - but you have to want it and put the work in - so as to transition. Those who do thinks it's worth every bit of self control and training, But it is something we have to work at. It is not armchair viewing but training!

Why a Trial ?
BroTime  is great for encouraging (and guiding) with some powerful self sex. But for it to work - you have to be in tune with your body!
If you aren't  BroTime is capable of getting you more connected, it just may take a little practice - and that is the trial - to see if you enjoy the practicing or not.

Becoming a Trial Bro
If you're interested – contact me and I'll ask you to choose:You'll be able to view these at any time for the duration of your existing Membership or 1 month. (whichever is longer) 

<![CDATA[BroTime Update]]>Wed, 09 Dec 2020 12:42:11 GMThttp://erectiondr.com/erection-news/brotime-updatePicture
BroTime is coming soon....

It has taken me so much more work than I realised - but then nothing is ever as simple as I think!   Plus I had to change things slightly and now need to manage your expectations.....

Filming Masturbation
Capturing the real true essence of different emotions or themes within masturbation is not easy.  A quick wank video is one thing - but an instructional masturbation video dealing with emotions, whole body orgasms and the psychological affects of the erection process is a whole different ball game.
And here's the problem, if not careful - the sheer act of filming 'those really special' emotional  moments means sometimes they are lost as they are so very sensitive to the slightest sensual distraction. Encouraging them is key but to force them is counter productive and Ito fake it -  or use artificial means, would go against the whole ethos of Brotime.

Work - Penis, Body & Mind
This has made me realise how hard I have had to practice to achieve these 'special moments', as when I am filming myself - it is like going back to the beginning again. This is good as it makes me remember the work I put in. I have to say it is enjoyable work 
​as masturbation is my hobby and I always find it so very enjoyable - as I'm sure you do too, but the 'really wild self sex' moments have evolved through practice,  self control and experimentation.  
Advanced Erection Coaching - sexualised 
It's good the filming process has played out this way - with a realisation of the work needed. You may be one of the lucky ones and achieve fantastic self sex overnight, but if you're like me - you'll find it gradually builds over the weeks, months and years. That is what I'm preparing you for - I have no magic wand, to help you but I do have lots of videos with lots of instruction and masturbation to coach you in this very intimate way.
Here is now the new definition of BroTime

​Please feel free to contact me any time about BroTime.